Zona Franca de Punta Arenas

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We promote and stimulate the economic development and community progress of the Magellan and Antarctic Region, Aysén del General Carlos Ibáñez del Campo Region and the Palena Province. We promote trade and industry, simplifying commerce and exchange, and connecting us to the world. We also aim to create value to our users, customers, visitor and shareholders, focusing in our employees, the community and the environment, seeking to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of these regions.

To become the most important and efficient trade platform in Patagonia, consolidating itself as a strategic partner for the development of new businesses in the region.





Sociedad de Rentas Inmobiliarias Ltda.

Av. Bulnes Km. 3, 5 Norte, Zona Franca

Punta Arenas

Phone: 56 - 61 - 2362000 ó 2362025

Fax: 56 - 61 - 2362026

E-mail: info@zonaustral.cl

Coyhaique Office

General Parra 21 - Coyhaique

Phone/Fax: 56 - 67 - 2246300

E-mail: zacoyhaique@zonaustral.cl


The tax regime for Users involves the following exemptions (Art. Nº. 23 of DFL N º 2/2001): Income Tax (current rate of 20%).

Value Added Tax (IVA) by operations led under Free Trade Zone regime.



While the goods remain in the Free Trade Zone, they will be treated as if they were abroad and therefore, they will not be subject to any duties, taxes, fees and other charges collected through Customs.

May enter the Free Trade Zone under the same custom regime, machinery designed to perform any of the processes referred in the Free Zone Decree Law, as well as those for the transport and handling of goods, fuels, lubricants and spare parts required for maintenance.

Under the franchise, goods may be marketed in the Extension Zone, that is, all the Magellan Region, Aysen region and Palena Province.