Zona Franca Colonia Suiza (Colonia Suiza S.A.)

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  • A dizzy evolution, demands us to prepare ourselves for the sudden changes that appear from the strength of the facts.
  • The economy globalization, the world’s tendency to the regional integrations and the orientation of Uruguay to a liberal economy set the basis of this undertaking as the best resource for the concretion and development of big businesses, all together with a visionary and enterprising spirit, innovation capacity and great flexibility for adapting to new conditions, everything, betting with joy the idea of an open and competitive Uruguay.
  • To achieve through the creation of a great Development Pole in the region, taking advantage and fostering the kindness that this one and the country offer, going through the way of excellence, creating first level physic and human infrastructures, giving efficient, modern and professional services, the capture of investments and the development of great commercial and industrial undertakings with regional and international projection.
  • To acquire the prior compromise of giving the greatest expansion possible to the growing of businesses, taking advantage of the backup that our legislation gives through the most modern instruments of investments promotions.





Phone: +598 4554 4135 / 4554 4307

E-mail: comercial@zonafrancacoloniasuiza.com