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For information on Yuba County Arrest Records, it would be best if we started with some information on how what arrest records are and how these records come about.

An arrest record is a report of an incident involving law enforcement agencies. It contains detailed information about the incident such as the location of the incident, the persons involved, and the respondents. It does not necessarily mean however, that criminal charges were filed against the individuals involved. Arrest records are considered public information. The government is required by law to make them readily available for public use.

There are plenty of resources available if one wants to search for a particular arrest record. For California Arrest Records, the searcher may visit the local law enforcement agencies of the California county where the arrest was made. Yuba County arrest records may be obtained from the Yuba County Yuba County Arrest Records Sheriff?s Office.

Yuba County is one of the original counties of California. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 644 square miles of which 632 square miles is land and 12 square miles is water. It is the fifth-smallest county in California by total area. The population, as of 2010 is 72,155. The county seat is Marysville. Approximately 16000 criminal cases were filed in the county from the years 1999 to 2008; which brings the annual crime figure to about 1600. Of the total criminal activity during that period, an estimated 2300 incidents were violent in nature. During the ten-year period mentioned, violent crime rate increased by an astounding 80%. Overall crime rate has also increased by almost 65%. On an average, a crime is reported in Yuba County every 5 hours. Almost 9000 of these incidences are theft and robbery cases. About 30 cases are homicide related and about 200 are sexual assault cases.

To request for a copy of an arrest record, a local request form must be filled out by the requestor and submitted to the Office. Valid identification is required to pick up the Finding Yuba County Arrest Records Quickly requested copies, and there is a corresponding fee per copy obtained. The requestor must note that, although these reports are available from the Sheriff?s Department per the terms of the California Public Records Act and California Government Code Section 6254, not all reports can be released when requested. Some information may be legally withheld from the public. These may include Child Abuse reports, Medical/Mental Illness reports, Juvenile Arrest reports, and reports that are still under investigation. It is advisable that the requestor calls the Sheriff?s Office Records Unit first to determine that the report he/ she wishes to obtain is available for release.

The Sheriff?s Office Records Unit also provides plenty of other public services. These include provision of Clearance Letters and local background checks, drug/ narcotic registration, sex offenders registration, arson registration, gang registration, fingerprinting, and provision of permits. Fees may be collected from some of the services mentioned above. Interested parties may visit the Sheriff?s Office website for more detailed information on the said services. The Yuba County Sheriff?s Office Website may also be a quick way to perform a quick search on arrests, as it provides a Yuba County Arrest Log, and daily reports on the county?s activity.