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Online Rockdale County Arrest Records Public information had always been one of the most important things that people want to get their hands on, because with the right information, a Rockdale County Arrest Records Online Search person could make an informed decision that would potentially change their lives. This is the reason why people would ask for questions and try to ascertain as much of the truth as possible, but there are some times where ascertaining the truth is so difficult that there would be the need to ask for assistance. Traditionally, background checks are conducted by specialized agencies, but in the present, while these agencies still do exist, the method of making the background check is already so simple that there is actually no need to rely upon these agencies, but rather, one needs only to get their hands on copies of records like Rockdale County Arrest Records.

This is because arrest records are the official records of the government in regards to the criminal past of the person named in the records. it must bear stressing out that these records would only show the criminal past of the person and nothing else, but for some, the information contained within these records are enough for them to form an opinion and an informed decision regarding the person named in the record. These official records are also the best source of information in regards to the criminal past of the person named in the record precisely because they are official records.

As the official records of the government, these records enjoy the presumption of regularity such that they would always be presumed to be true and accurate and the party presenting the record need not prove that the contents of the records are true. What they would have to prove is that they obtained the records from the proper government agency as it must be noted that if the records are not obtained there, then they do not enjoy the presumption. At the same time, it must be noted that anyone may make a valid request for copies of these records.

There are several custodians of the records in question, and a request may be made from any one of these proper places. One of the custodians of the records would be the office of the clerk of court, as the courts require these records in order to fulfill their mandate. A request at this office would require the person interested in the records to travel to the records division of the courts and make the request there, but do note that request made in person are often faster as the records in questions are often made available the same day of the request.

Copies of Rockdale County Arrest Logs may also be obtained online through the use of online databases, but again, one must remember that because these are not official sources, they do not enjoy the presumption. Their use is for confirmation purposes and for personal use, and in this regard, they are probably better than the more traditional archives as they could provide their information faster, more efficiently, and considerably cheaper as most online databases would charge only the most minimum of fees for the use of their services.