Rezekne Special Economic Zone

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  • Elaborates development plan of Rezekne Special Economic Zone and secures its completion;
  • Develops annual management plan of the Authority;
  • Organizes research and evaluation of the Rezekne Special Economic Zone, distributes information and conducts market research in order to attract investors;
  • Manages attraction of investments and signs agreements with determined agencies and enterprises;
  • Organizes infrastructure set up and communication formation in the territory of RSEZ according to the development plan of RSEZ;
  • Participates in the development of infrastructure in the territory of RSEZ; ensures full service for RSEZ investors and RSEZ enterprises.




Chief Executive Officer:

Ms Sandra Ežmale

Phone: +371 64625941

Project Manager:

Ms Laila Skride

Phone +371 646259941, +371 28633550


Ms Rita Purviņa-Budreviča

Phone +371 64625920, +371 25660373


Mr Vladislavs Nareļs

Phone +371 64625921, +371 22119322


  • Significant relief of real estate tax and corporate tax;
  • Import and export operations are exempt from customs duty, excise tax, and value added tax.
  • Rezekne Regional Board of Professional Education and Employment sustains a link between educational institutions, municipalities, and entrepreneurs to ensure compliance of educational training programs with labor market requirements;
  • Fifteen professional education institutions train qualified specialists of various profiles;
  • More than 500 students every year graduate from Rezeknes Augstskola – Rezekne Higher Education Institution – in the fields of Economics, Business Administration, and Engineering Sciences etc.
  • Competitive location close to the markets of Russia and Belarus;
  • Awareness of and familiarity with the business environment of neighboring countries, and steady business relations with companies there.
  • East-West corridor – the gate to the East and the West (distance to the main cities: Ventspils – 434 km, Liepaja – 457 km, Riga – 242 km, Moscow – 685 km, St. Petersburg – 450 km, Vilnius 263, Minsk 376, Warsaw – 860 km);
  • Modern embarkation park at the railway station “Rezekne – 2”;
  • Crossroads of TINA railways and motorways.
  • The only center of plastic products’ prototypes production in the Baltic States;
  • Chemical and physical probation laboratory of details and raw materials.
  • Consultations, information and development of public projects in “Rezekne Business Centre”;
  • Modern conference and seminar facilities with simultaneous translation equipment and Internet access;
  • National support programs and EU structural funds for support of entrepreneurs;
  • Assistance of State Employment Agency in personnel selection and retraining.
  • Ancient and rich cultural and crafts traditions; distinct and well expressed regional identity;
  • Broad possibilities of leisure activities;
  • Picturesque landscapes, ecologically clean environment, a great number of lakes feature Rezekne surroundings.