Kentucky Arrest Reports

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Criminal Ky Arrest Records records are available to the general public for fact checking, review, and safety purposes. Once a person is arrested or convicted of a crime, the details pertaining to the case will become a part of the subject?s public police record. It will then be incorporated in a central database that is accessible by any authorized individual from every county, city, or state. Getting access to Kentucky arrest records is not at all that difficult, if you know what you are doing. There are a variety of resources available to anyone who wants to view public arrest profiles, conviction reports, and even prison accounts.

In the Commonwealth of Kentucky, otherwise known as the Bluegrass State, criminal history profiles are maintained by the Kentucky State Police through its Criminal Records Dissemination Section. This division plays a role in the state?s law enforcement and judicial system by serving as the main repository for all criminal profiles in the state. Apart from the dissemination section, the Kentucky State Police also operates a sex Kentucky Arrest Records Instant Retrieval offender database, as well as a division that is devoted to combating Internet crimes against minors, and to finding missing children.

Arrest profiles in the Criminal Records Dissemination Section are located using a name-based search. Authorized individuals, employers, and entities are permitted access to the division?s database by filling out the appropriate request form. The request can be submitted in person or through mail, with a $20 fee for each name requested. As far as a thorough criminal background check is concerned, only law enforcement, state agencies, and authorized establishments are allowed to run comprehensive criminal records checks.

For third party access to arrest and criminal reports, the Kentucky Court of Justice accepts requests for criminal background checks from ordinary civilians. There are two types of criminal background checks being offered in this office. First is the standard background check, which features four levels of criminal data. This kind of search, however, is only done with the consent of the subject in question. The second type is what is known as a vulnerable sector check, which is a kind of background search that is performed on individuals under the age of 18.

The Kentucky Court of Justice offers a wide range of criminal data for individuals and establishments looking to run criminal background checks on prospective clients, employees, and other persons of interest. The office keeps an online database that allows for a smoother and more convenient record search. The online registry features court information from all 120 counties of Kentucky. Felony accounts available can be traced back to 1978, while misdemeanor and traffic cases go back 5 years.

As an effective alternative to all the previously mentioned criminal record resources, autonomous online public arrest records websites are also a viable source of criminal data. These types of data search services have proven to be quite invaluable to many private sector employers and small business owners for job screening purposes. For a reasonable one-time fee, any member of the general public can perform criminal background checks without having to worry about application forms, requirements and other formalities.