Guangzhou Bonded Logistics Park

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Preferential Policies

  • Guidelines on Further Strengthening Investment Promotion to Facilitate Transformation and Upgrading of Industries
  • Implementation Opinions on Further Promoting the Work of Utilizing Foreign Investment

By Industry

  • Headquarters Economy
  • Creative Industry
  • Modern Service Industry
  • Convention & Exhibition Industry
  • High-tech Industry

By Region

  • Guangzhou Nansha Free Trade Port
  • Guangzhou Bonded Logistics Park





According to Article VIII in the Interim Measures of the Customs of the People’s Republic of China for the Administration of Bonded Port Areas, the following businesses may be engaged in within a bonded port area:

  • Storing the import and export commodities, and other goods for which the customs formalities have not been completed;
  • Foreign trade, including international entrepot trade;
  • International procurement, distribution and delivery;
  • International transit;
  • Testing, after-sales service and maintenance;
  • Display of merchandize;
  • Research and development, processing, and manufacturing;
  • Port operations;
  • Other businesses approved by the customs house.


  1. Goods imported from outside to the bonded logistics park shall be exempt from import duties and import VAT;
  2. When paying for goods imported from outside or exporting bonded goods, park-based enterprises are not subject to import payment or export exchange earnings write-off;
  3. Goods coming from outside to the logistics park without customs clearance procedures are exempt from inspection; the goods sold or transferred between inward enterprises, which are yet subject to import and export inspection and quarantine, are exempt from inspection and quarantine;
  4. Domestic goods coming into the logistics park are considered exports and are subject to customs clearance procedures and tax rebate;
  5. Inward goods sold within the logistics park can apply for import clearance formalities in accordance with relevant provisions, and the goods are subject to taxation according to the actual state;
  6. Inward goods can enjoy free movement without any levy on VAT or consumption tax;
  7. For home-produced goods and their packaging materials coming from outside into the logistics park for business development for park-based enterprises, as well as home-made infrastructure materials, machinery, loading and unloading equipment, management equipment to be utilized by park administrative institutions, their business entities, and park-based enterprises, they will be handled in accordance with relevant provisions on exported goods by the Customs, which shall issue export good declaration proof form;
  8. An inter-link system shall be implemented between the logistics park and the Huangpu New Port. Goods entering the logistics park from the Huangpu New Port are subject to one customs declaration and one inspection.