Fuzhou Export Processing Zone

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Fujian Province is fulfilling the strategy of project drive in an all-round way, and quickening development of both regional economy and central cities. It also commits itself to constructing not only an economic region on the west coast of Taiwan Strait boasting openness to the outside world, harmonious development and all-round prosperity but also an economic zone of three links for postal, air and shipping service and trade between Taiwan and the mainland.


  • Provisional Regulations Concerning the Supervision and Control Of Export-Oriented Processing Areas Made By the General Administration of Customs.
  • Provisional Regulations on Taxes Management for the Export-Oriented Processing Areas



Tel: +86-591-836699718


Fax: +86-591-836699318

Address: Chang & an Investment Zone,

Fuzhou Economic and Technical Development Zone,

350016 Fujian, China




http://www.fjfzepz.com/en/fzepz.asp?cty=3 http://www.fjfzepz.com/en/