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Invest Bulgaria Agency (IBA) is a government organization, established to attract investment to Bulgaria, to assist project set-up and to ensure successful project development resulting in new jobs, exports and know-how transfer for the Bulgarian economy. We help potential and existing investors explore the investment opportunities in Bulgaria and carry out greenfield investment projects in the country.

Our agency reports directly to the Bulgarian Ministry of Economy. As a government institution, we have direct access to all Bulgarian government and local institutions to facilitate the entry and development of your business in the country.

The services provided by Invest Bulgaria Agency are completely free of charge. We provide detailed information about Bulgaria as a business location and besides full information assistance; our services include site identification and selection, support with the application for investment incentives, contacts with suppliers and prospective business partners, liaison with central and local government, branch chambers and NGOs. We work with some of the leading consultants in the country, to provide most accurate and comprehensive information and advice about real estate, human resources, and legal inquiries.

You can explore the business climate and the investment opportunities in the country by browsing the web site of Invest Bulgaria Agency. We would like to cordially invite you to contact our team, who will be happy to assist you with additional information and further questions. Invest Bulgaria experts will be happy to provide detailed information upon request, and to help with the preparation of reports and analyses for specific investment projects.


Information on the certification process of investment projects under the Investment Promotion Act (IPA), which introduces a system of incentives for initial investment in tangible and intangible assets and the related jobs to it. This sector points out the types of investment classes (class A and B), the minimum thresholds for the application for a certificate for investment class, economic sectors, which are supported and required documents for the procedure. Here you can find the incentives that encourage certified projects, namely: shorter time for administrative services, individual administrative services, a grant to build infrastructure, financial support for training for acquiring professional qualifications, occupying the new jobs, regime (without tender or competition) for acquisition of ownership or limited real rights on real estate - private state or municipal property. We’ve also presented the "priority investment project". These are investment projects which relate to all sectors of the economy and are essential for the economic development of Bulgaria and its regions.

Article 25. (Last Amendment - SG No. 108/2013) (1) (Former Article 25, Last amendment - SG No. 36/2009) Permission for a permanent residence may receive aliens:

1. (Last Amendment, SG No. 9/2011) of Bulgarian descent;

6. (Last amendment - SG No. 36/2009) who has invested more than 1 000 000 BGN or increased their investment with this size through the acquisition of:

а) shares in Bulgarian commercial companies, traded on a regulated Bulgarian market;

b) shares and treasury bonds and derivative instruments issued by the State or by municipalities, with a residual maturity not less than 6 months;

c) ownership rights over an isolated part of the property of a Bulgarian commercial company with more than 50 percent state or municipal participation in the capital under the Act of Privatization and Post- privatization Control;

d) shares or stocks owned by the state or municipalities in a Bulgarian commercial company in compliance with the Act of Privatization and Post- privatization Control;

e) Bulgarian intellectual property - objects of copyright and related to it rights, patent-protected inventions, utility models, trademarks, service marks and industrial design;

f) rights under concession contracts on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria;

7. (new - SG, No 108/2013) who have invested the sum under pt.6 in a licensed credit institution in Bulgaria under a trust agreement for a period of at least five year, and the deposit is not used, with reference to for the same period, for securing of other cash credits from a credit institution in Bulgaria;

17. (new - SG, No 108/2013) who were granted permission for long stay under art. 24, (1), item 19 and 20 and who maintained the investment over five years.

Governance & Administration

Stamen Yanev

Executive Director

Phone: +359 2 9855505


Madzhide Ahmedova

Deputy Executive Director

Phone: +359 2 9855509


Anna Radovska

Secretary General

Phone: +359 2 9855560


Ivetka Petrova

Director " Administrative - legal services "

Phone.: +359 2 9855522


Peter Penchev

Director "Marketing & Investment Services"

Phone: +359 2 9855528



  • Provision of macroeconomic data, company and industry profiles.
  • Legal advice.
  • Information on FDI incentives and EU funds.
  • Information on site and facility locations.
  • Information on industrial and free zones.
  • Visa and other administrative support for potential investors.
  • Identification of potential project location, including identification of facilities for Brownfield projects or office locations for outsourcing and IT projects.
  • Organization of bespoke site visits.
  • Identification of potential suppliers, clients and other business partners.
  • Legal assistance with setting up a Bulgarian company.
  • Administrative support with permits and regulations with regards to hiring personnel, purchasing or renting facilities, etc.
  • Support with application for government and EU incentives.
  • Intermediation with other government and local administration.
  • Administrative and legal support.