Free Zone Giurgiu

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Management Team

  • Popa George Mihai - Deputy General Manager
  • Dobre Aurelia - Business Manager

A.G.A. Representatives

  • Ghita Niculae
  • Pirlea Victor Constantin
  • Cioaca Ionut

Council Administration

  • Barbu Ionut - President of Council Administration
  • Members of Council Administration
  • Popa George Mihai
  • Soava Paul Ionut

Giurgiu Free Zone Administration S.A.

Portului Road, no. 1-2, Giurgiu, 080013, Romania

Sole Registration Code :RO 8941369; Commerce Registration

Office – J52/388/1996

Phone : +40 246 217541

Fax: +40 246 217598

Phone exchange : +40 246 219640



  • The goods situated into the free zone territory are considerate to be outside of Romanian custom territory, as long as they are not imported and they are not subdue to the payment of the custom duties and VAT, as long as they are staying here.
  • Foreign merchandises stationary into the free zone is no time limited without paying import duties (custom duties, V.A.T., excises taxes).
  • Foreign goods can be processed in the free zone under custom regime of active improvement, and/or transformation under custom control, without the payment of import custom duties (custom taxes, V.A.T., excises taxes) and without the guarantee of these one.
  • The goods situated into the free zone can be transported into another free zone without paying custom duties. Those goods can be transited on the Romanian custom territory.
  • Foreign investments are no subject of expropriation, nationalization or indictment as for exceptional public interest cases and by suitable re-found.
  • At the liquidation or the restriction of the activity performed within free zone, the users (legal or private persons) can transfer aboard the capital and the profit, after they had paid all their obligations to Romanian state and the contractual partners.
  • The financial operations bound on the activities carried on into free zone are made in free convertible currency, accepted by Romanian National Bank.