Free Port of Riga

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The Freeport of Riga is a significant part of global and regional cargo supply chains and passenger traffic network in the Baltic Sea region, providing safe and reliable services. An integral part of the city, the Port recognizes its social and environmental responsibilities and makes a strong contribution to the growth of Latvia’s economy. The Port is driven by high performance standards and continuously strives to improve both the quality and breadth of services to clients.

We will continue to develop the Freeport of Riga as a leading port of the Baltic States and as a source of real prosperity for Latvia. To ensure a bright future, we will:

  • Strengthen the customer base and seek to avoid dependency on any one cargo type.
  • Develop a sustainability framework to ensure environmental and social issues are fully integrated in our business.
  • Invest in new technologies and employ innovative approaches which enhance the quality and efficiency of our services.
  • Work closely with the government of Latvia, the city of Riga and its inhabitants to create a seamless, integrated transport infrastructure



  • Board Chairman: Andris Ameriks
  • Deputy of Board Chairman: Kaspars Ozoliņš
  • Board Member: Baiba Bāne
  • Board Member: Vadims Baraņņiks
  • Board Member: Baiba Broka
  • Board Member: Mihails Kameņeckis
  • Board Member: Artis Stucka
  • Board Member: Nils Ušakovs