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The Florida arrest records contain the criminal history of specific individuals or the Florida Arrest Records Online arrests and other related information in a specific period of time. The records contain only criminal history information with sealed information available only to specific agencies.

The records are usually kept by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). You may be able to obtain other information such as expunged criminal history and juvenile criminal history. For juvenile criminal history records, they are available only if the individual was caught with an offense that is considered as a felony if he was an adult. There may be records in the FDLE that can?t be found in NBI.

The records can be used for various purposes. Most people use them as a personal reference. Other uses them as a supporting document when Florida Arrest Record trying to obtain other documentation such as licenses. In some counties in Florida, you need the record when applying for a license to own guns or even just a driver?s license. The record is also an important document needed for application of passports and visas. Companies may also use said records as documents to support background checks when hiring prospective employees or during investigations. There are different types of background checks pertaining to the records of arrests. The first one is Level 1 that refers to the name and employment history check. Level 2 produces a more detailed record of past offenses. Once the records are obtained, they can only be used and shared to same agencies. This means that if the records were obtained by district schools then only fellow district schools may use it, not another agency type.

Not everyone can obtain the records. There is still a level of privacy for everyone. Usually your personal records are easier to obtain if you bring personal identification at the nearest Florida department of law enforcement. For background checks, getting the records depend on the level. Level 1 background checks will only need the name of the individual and employment history. For level 2, fingerprints may be required.

The costs of getting the records may also vary. The standard check may cost $8 state fee and $16.50 federal fee or a total of $24.50. If the records will be needed for gun license or employment as security guards, the costs may reach up to $31.50. Other purposes such as employment as doctor, nursing home employee and more will cost up to $40.50. A volunteer and employee criminal history system (VECHS) will also have different fees. For employees it will cost a total of $40.50. For volunteers, about $33.50. Rechecking or looking up the record again will cost the same amount as if it were the first time you looked for the record. Usually specific individuals are required to be checked every now and then.

Police arrest records are dynamic and can change every day. This means that the record you obtained now may be obsolete by tomorrow as new arrests and other incidents may have been added. That?s why online searches of the records are essential so that you won?t be wasting time going to the FDLE.