Divorce Records In New York

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Along with other vital public accounts, New York Divorce Records is maintained at the Vital Records Office of the State Department of Health. Anyone can view and use it provided proper documents are complied with. As a norm, a small admin fee is in place for each file copy, which can be paid by check, personal checks or money order.

The aforementioned office carries files for divorces that occurred since January 1963 to the present. Those documents that are dated from 1847 ? 1963 can be requested at the County Clerk in the county where the marriage was officially dissolved. On the other hand, the New York State Archives can provide those divorce decrees that were granted by the Court of Chancery for the period 1787 ? 1847.

Millions of New Yorkers and other applicants should take note though that this kind of document is sealed by the government for one hundred years. In ordering a replica of this information, make sure that your application bears the following details: the full name of the husband, the wife?s first and maiden name, the date and place where the event took place, as well as your main cause for getting the file and your connection with the person/s involved.

Cases about couples getting separated these days are becoming rampant partly because of one?s negligence. People who tend to be so lenient in allowing anyone to enter into their lives are most likely prone to being victimized by such undesirable incident. This information is specifically helpful for those who are currently dating someone, or are already in a relationship with someone or probably planning to tie the knot with the person.

The standard information that is contained in this file includes the names of the concerned couple, addresses, and the when and where of the separation. In addition, it also New York Divorce Decrees Records reveals other pertinent facts such as the reason why the marriage ended, ages, children?s names and custody, settlement and alimony, and more. Your local county court?s office can provide you either the original divorce decree or a divorce certificate.

By virtue of the New York Divorce Records Freedom of Information Act, Public Divorce Records came into being. Not everyone agreed to this policy, but majority of the people have been benefited by its accessibility. Searching for this kind of account has even become easier and faster through the aid of the Internet. Researchers can take advantage of those free or paid search sites online. Trusting only those that require a minimal charge is advisable though since they offer nothing but the best outcome for you.