Accessing Coweta County Divorce Records

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Except in certain circumstances, marriage is something that would also define the property relations between the husband and the wife. The more common form of such a relation would be that the spouses would share everything that both would bring into the marriage. In such a case, this community of property would become liable to any creditor who would lend credit to either the husband or wife, provided that the credit lent would be used to the benefit of the family. Of course, if the husband and the wife were to separate and file for a divorce, the property relations agreed upon by the parties would be dissolved and this would open a new can of worms for the creditors who had not been paid. This is one of the reasons why divorce records like Coweta County Divorce Records are important.

The records are important because they could prove that the marriage had indeed been terminated. Aside from divorce, only death could terminate a marriage, and in such a case, the law would open an estate settlement proceeding to allow the creditors to be paid. In cases if divorce, the procedure is different, but would also require the creditors who are attempting to go after the couple for the satisfaction of their rights would also have to prove that the divorce had happened.

The best way to prove that the divorce had happened would be for the party who is claiming the same to be able to provide evidence, and the best evidence would be the official records known as the divorce records. In the State of Georgia, the full copies of divorce records are only available at the local or county level, but do note that the records would only be made available to those who have a substantial interest to the divorce. Often, this would translate to close relatives of the parties to the divorce. For everyone else, they would just have to be content with a verification of the divorce; though note that if the purpose is merely to prove that the divorce had happened, then this would be more than enough evidence.

To request for copies of verification, the person who desires the records should first obtain the necessary request form and accomplish the same. The form is the same form to be used in cases where the person who desires the record would request either through mail or in person. When the request form is filled up, the place where the death occurred should be included. The next step would differ depending on the method of request chosen, though the step would actually be to pay for the required fee. When requesting via mail, this means sending the request letter to the department accompanied by the money order or personal check to answer for the required fee, and when requesting in person, this means paying the required fee straight at the cashier.

Copies of Coweta County Divorce Decrees are also available online through online databases. These online database provide substantially the same information as the government source often at a fraction of the cost of the search and time needed for searching.